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More than just another property for sale in France

Many seek to buy in France and eventually find something they consider suitable, but alas this is only the beginning of the story. We’ve all heard of Peter Male’s “A Year in Provence”. In this celebrated book, we see how the acquisition can be easy but is often just the beginning of a series of many tricky and even farcical situations which are not as amusing to the owners as they are to the reading public.


For example, there is usually the need for the property to be restored, which is far more challenging than finding and buying the house. This is especially difficult if you don’t have unlimited time to travel to France to oversee the work and correct mistakes as they happen...if you can correct them even then.


Then there are the all-important fine details that can make the difference between a happy or an unhappy ownership experience. Let's call them bugs(not the type that crawl). Nobody will warn you about these bugs except us. We learned about them from our 20 years of experience of renovating and holiday letting. You will benefit from our knowledge in ways you might never appreciate; but then that is just the point: that you won't have to go through what we went through to discover these annoying little things. For just one example click here.


Even if you manage to negotiate these hurdles, you will next need to find a manager who will keep an eye on your property, a reliable and trustworthy cleaner to clean it, and finally a successful management agency who will attract rentals for you.

When you buy with us, our concept solves all these knotty problems with incredible simplicity!

Finding a suitable house


Done! Our houses are already more than suitable; they are fantastic, in both location and quality.


Restoration, Furnishing and Equipping.


The houses are already beautifully renovated, equipped and furnished and are ‘up and running’. No “A Year In Provence” nightmares to deal with.


We have attended to the bugs (not insects!) referred to above.

Prices include all furnishings, appliances and contents excepting a small number of personal decorative items.


Ongoing management


Our houses already have bilingual local managers (French/English) as well as reliable, loyal cleaning staff.




Through our long-established associated booking agency, we attract vacation rentals and keep your house running smoothly and successfully.

You won’t need to search for ways to let it out yourself and you won’t have to deal with your holiday guests. (But you have the option to manage it yourself after the initial 12-month contract period if you wish.)

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